Sharpstream Life Sciences is a leading provider of global executive search and selection services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Since Sharpstream Life Sciences'creation in 1999 it has worked with over 100 companies in the provision of executive search and selection in disciplines across all areas of the Product Development Lifecycle. It runs a number of strategies that have guaranteed success, and has an excellent reputation in deep searching in niche therapies and disciplines. The group was initially established in 1999 in London, but has subsequently grown to include operations in Philadelphia, USA (2005), Shanghai, China (2008) and Warsaw, Poland (October 2008). An $8.1m+ company it has ambitions to expand further its penetration of key niche sectors where it is market leader, and to build specialist teams to develop its brand awareness further. Over 90% of the revenue is generated from retained executive searches. The remaining 10% is generated through consulting activities which support the core retained search services. The company searches are both retained and exclusive. A contingency business has been created but is operated under different branding for differentiation purposes In 2007, the organization grew by 50% at a time when major established organizations were flat or in decline. For 2008 ambitious growth targets have been set and excellent progress is being made. Sharpstream Life Sciences has one of the broadest profiles in terms of sectors-Pharmaceutical Research, Development, Medical, Marketing and Business Development and Licensing. Further deep specializing exists for Market Research, Health Economics and Medical disciplines. Sharpstream Life Sciences has a different view and attitude towards search which is generating strong loyalty amongst long established global clients. Our highly rigorous project management processes and honest communication has proven to be very successful in securing and bringing on new companies. Sharpstream Life Sciences is an innovative, fast growing company that is now one of the largest internationally focused search companies in Europe and building a strong presence in the USA and Asia with further expansion plans globally. Still only nine years old, they regularly compete against more established search companies and win. The company has maintained growth in their revenues and their profits over the past seven years when their competitors have downsized or withdrawn from Pharmaceuticals. This can be attributed to finding new areas of interest, being adaptable and having high commercial acumen. Sharpstream Life Sciences operates very much as a team, so while you might be working as an individual on a specific project you will have the support of the management and the rest of the business development team to help you achieve the highest quality results for your projects. Sharpstream Life Sciences is an organization that is driving new levels of service and confidence in retained search. Working at Sharpstream Life Sciences, you would work in a truly global environment. At Sharpstream Life Sciences, they encourage their staff to build the strongest understanding of their clients as possible. The Shanghai offices currently has 8 full-time executives that work on their own assignments and when required in tandem with their colleagues in the USA and London. Sharpstream Life Sciences from its inception has always focused on Global and Regional Headquarter business. Consequently, their activities are global by nature where they provide deep search services across the globe. At Sharpstream Life Sciences you will have the opportunity to work in a structured framework which drives quality, project management and information management principles yet you will enjoy a high level of autonomy and freedom. The company culture is informal, open and team orientated. The working environment is fun without being distracting to the serious business of delivering on client's expectations. 展开 公司地址:Room 2602 900 Pudong Ave Pudong New District (邮编:200135) 地图
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